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Table 1 Questions about prescribing decision and its determinants.

From: Impact of pharmaceutical promotion on prescribing decisions of general practitioners in Eastern Turkey

Q1. Please rate the factors below according to the level of the effect on your prescribing decision in the order of 1 (low) to 6 (high).
   - Pharmacology courses during formal medical education.
   - Activities of sales representatives
   - Observation of prescribing during clinical practice in medical school
   - Post-graduate in-service training by public sector
   - Consultations with other physicians
   - Self-reading after graduation
Q2. Please rate the references that you consulted according to frequeny of use in case of any problem in prescribing, in the order of 1 (frequently) to 6 (rarely).
   - Drug guides of pharmaceutical companies
   - Documents of pharmaceutical companies other than drug guides (brochures etc...)
   - Medical text books
   - Academic journals
   - Consultation with a specialist doctor
   - Consultation with other GPs
Q3. Have you been involved any kind of postgraduate training programme on prescribing?
   - Yes
   - No
Q4. If yes, what kind of programmes were they?
   - Training programmes of pharmaceutical companies
   - In-service training provided by public sector
   - MsC/PhD programme
   - Pharmacology courses during medical faculty
Q5. Do the activities of sales representatives of drug companies affect your prescribing decision?
   - Yes/always
   - Yes/sometimes
   - No