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Table 2 Risk factors for chlamydial infection by stepwise logistic regression analysis

From: Chlamydial infection among patients attending STD and genitourinary clinics in Taiwan

Variables Adjusted Odds Ratio 95% CI
Young age (age ≤ 30 years) (yes/no) 2.44 1.52–3.84*
Inconsistent condom use (yes/no) 2.01 1.32–3.06*
Currently symptomatic (yes/no) 1.84 1.21–2.80*
N. gonorrhoeae infection (yes/no) 3.82 2.20–6.58*
  1. CI, confidence interval; dependent variable was C. trachomatis (+)/C. trachomatis (-); Independent variables available in the model were young age (age ≤ 30 years) (yes/no), inconsistent condom use (yes/no), currently symptomatic (dysuria, urethral discharge) (yes/no), N. gonorrhoeae infection (yes/no). Only results of significant variables are presented. *P < 0.001.