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Table 2 Percentage of non-zero users and mean values for health services use among Medicare beneficiaries and non-zero users

From: Health care utilization among Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibles: a count data analysis

Health Services Medicare Beneficiaries Non-Zero Users
Office-based physician visits 6.418 (100%) 7.474 (85.88%)
Hospital inpatient nights 1.945 (100%) 10.697 (18.18%)
Home health provider days 11.871 (100%) 103.058 (11.41%)
Total dental visits 0.783 (100%) 2.699 (29.00%)
  1. Notes: Medicare beneficiaries represent all individuals that are covered by Medicare benefits. This group includes both users and non-users of healthcare services. Non-zero users indicate the respondents who had positive visits, nights, or days for each type of outcome variables. Mean values are measured for each type of outcome variables among Medicare beneficiaries and non-zero users, respectively. Numbers in the brackets indicate the percentage of each group out the whole sample.4