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Table 3 Participants' attitudes and practices about lead exposure in Ibadan, Nigeria 2004

From: An examination of knowledge, attitudes and practices related to lead exposure in South Western Nigeria

Have you ever tested the lead level in your domestic environment? If yes why did you do the test? • No  
What are the reasons you might do a lead level test? • If is going to be beneficial
• To be educated about lead
• I do not want to be at risk
• For financial benefit
What are the reasons you might not allow a lead level test to be carried out in your environment? • Because lead is dangerous
• Because I think it will be harmful
• For security reasons
What impact do you think lead or lead poisoning have on health? • We do not know
• It causes abdominal pain
• It makes people pale
• It shortens life
• It affects any body organ
• It affects breathing
• It affects intelligence
• It affects productivity
How can we reduce the risks of lead exposure? • NAFDAC (monitoring body for food and drug production in Nigeria) should monitor lead in the production processes
• Nothing can be done about it
• By enlightenment through research and information
• Through public awareness
• Throw away all used batteries
• Painters should cover their nostrils when painting
• Government should sponsor and encourage lead research
• Government should ban importation on used vehicles