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Table 4 Topics included in DRUID Study questionnaires

From: Study Protocol – Diabetes and related conditions in urban Indigenous people in the Darwin, Australia region: aims, methods and participation in the DRUID Study

Topic Questionnaire Version*
  1 2
Age and date of birth Yes Yes
Sex Yes Yes
Indigenous group Yes Yes
Time fasting Yes Yes
Whether pregnant Yes Yes
Whether previously tested for diabetes Yes Yes
Self-reported diabetes status Yes Yes
Current diabetes treatment (if applicable) Yes Yes
Usual health care provider Yes Yes
Medical history Yes Yes, but reduced
Diabetes care Yes No (but a few questions moved to diabetes complications form)
Dental health Yes No
Health insurance Yes Yes, but reduced
Alcohol use Yes Yes, but reduced and some questions changed
Smoking Yes Yes, but reduced and some questions changed
Physical activity Yes Yes, but reduced and some questions changed
Weight and nutrition Yes Yes
Subjective social status [21] Yes No
Household characteristics Yes Yes, but reduced
Education Yes Yes, but reduced
Employment Yes Yes, but reduced
Income Yes Yes, but reduced
Culture and identity Yes Yes
General health and wellbeing (SF-12) [22] Yes First question only
Stress Yes No
Discrimination Yes No
Depression (CES-D) [23] Yes No
Control Yes No
Social support [24] Yes No
Optimism/pessimism (LOT-R) [25] Yes No
For women only:   
Menstrual history Yes N/A§
Contraceptive use Yes N/A§
Pregnancy Yes N/A§
Infertility Yes N/A§
Hysterectomy Yes N/A§
Menopause Yes N/A§
Hormone replacement therapy Yes N/A§
  1. * Version 1 was administered to participants with an ID less than or equal to 400. Version 2 was administered to subsequent participants.
  2. § The women's reproductive health questionnaire remained unchanged (i.e. Version 1), but administration was limited to women aged 45 years and under.