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Table 2 Analysis of blood and urine samples*

From: Study Protocol – Diabetes and related conditions in urban Indigenous people in the Darwin, Australia region: aims, methods and participation in the DRUID Study

Test Anticoagulant Instrument Method principle
Glucose – fasting, 2 hour Fluoride/EDTA Hitachi 917 Enzymatic
Insulin – fasting, 2 hour Fluoride/EDTA Abbott Axsym Immunoassay
Homocysteine Fluoride/EDTA Agilent HPLC Fluorometric
Cholesterol None (serum) Hitachi 917 Enzymatic
Triglyceride None (serum) Hitachi 917 Enzymatic
HDL-cholesterol None (serum) Hitachi 917 Enzymatic
LDL-cholesterol N/A Calculated Calculated
Creatinine None (serum) Hitachi 917 Kinetic Jaffe
Hs-CRP None (serum) Hitachi 917 Immunoturbidimetry
HbA1c EDTA Agilent HPLC Cation exchange
Fibrinogen Sodium citrate IL Futura plus Clotting time
Urine albumin None (urine) Beckman Array 360 Immunonephelometry
Urine creatinine None (urine) Hitachi 917 Kinetic Jaffe
Urine ACR N/A Calculated Calculated
  1. * Note: Analysis of fatty acids and carotenoids using frozen samples is also planned. This is expected to occur in 2006. Methods will be described elsewhere.