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Table 2 Treatment Recruitment

From: Using standardized methods for research on HIV and injecting drug use in developing/transitional countries: case study from the WHO Drug Injection Study Phase II

   Compulsory Drug Treatment Voluntary Private Drug Treatment Voluntary Public Drug Treatment Other
Africa Nairobi Residential drug treatment in National Psychiatric clinic# Private residential drug treatment clinics   
Asia Beijing Detoxification Center    
  Hanoi Rehabilitation center for sex workers Rehabilitation center for drug users    
  Penang Long-term rehabilitation for drug users    
Eastern Europe Kharkiv   City Detoxification Clinic City Detoxification Clinic  
  Minsk   Minsk Narcological Dispensary Minsk Narcological Dispensary  
  St. Petersburg    City Narcological Hospital Psychiatric hospitals providing unofficial drug treatment
South America Gran Rosario   Inpatient and outpatient therapeutic communities (typically religion-oriented) Outpatient drug clinics Drug treatment units in private psychiatric clinics and general hospital Outpatient drug clinic Drug treatment unit in City Mental Health hospital  
  Rio de Janeiro   Outpatient drug treatment Residential drug treatment   
  Santos   Outpatient drug treatment Residential drug treatment   
  1. # Most patients are admitted involuntarily