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Table 1 Description of interventions within the Hartslag Limburg cardiovascular prevention project.

From: Costs of the 'Hartslag Limburg' community heart health intervention

Intervention Description
Nutrition party Discussion meeting about healthy food.
Orientation in supermarket Education about healthy food in a supermarket.
Lifestyle seminar Seminar about healthy living, focusing on nutrition.
Personal dietary advice Based on a questionnaire about dietary habits, people receive written personal advice about dietary changes.
Cookery course A course about healthy cooking.
Debt assistance Persons with debts are taught to cook a healthy meal on a small budget.
Tasty and Healthy Health education programme carried out at a butcher's chain, consisting of several components:
  1) Labelling meat with less than 10% fat
  2) Posters and postcards with healthy recipes
  3) Education about healthy meat provided by the butcher's staff.
Walking guide Guide showing 10 walking routes. Distribution via health centres, media etc.
Walking schedule Guide showing 70 dates of guided walks.
Walking guide + schedule Guide showing 10 walking routes and 70 guided walks.
Cycling guide Guide showing cycling routes.
Exercise TV Daily TV-guided aerobics programme, including information about the health advantages of exercising.
Walks/cycle tours Organised walks and cycle tours.
Sports clubs Weekly group sports activities.
Focus on Heart and Sports Exercise education at schools, combined with introduction course at a sports club.
'Congratulations' campaign Campaign consisting of five components:
  1) 80 commercials, each lasting 34 seconds, on a local radio station;
  2) 80 billboards ;
  3) Posters and postcards in health centres.
  500 posters and 7500 leaflets were placed in 250 health centres;
  4) Information packages about quitting smoking containing
  8 leaflets and an application form for free nicotine patches (300 requests).
  5) Free nicotine patches (50 requests).
Theatre show on smoking Intervention consisting of 2 components:
  1) A lesson at school about quitting smoking ;
  2) A theatre show.
Stop smoking around kids 1) An information package containing 9 leaflets and a poster was
  sent to all nursery schools and all health centres in the region;
  2) Personal consultation by welfare worker with parents of
  small children;
  3) Four seminars;
  4) Distribution of 10 billboards;
  5) Distribution of 100 t-shirts with the text: 'no smoking around kids'.
Quit smoking campaign Anti-smoking campaign using billboards, posters and leaflets.
Lifestyle in general  
Lifestyle course Six 3-hour sessions in which health aspects were discussed with teenagers.
Promotion stand A display stand with health promotion materials.
Newspaper advertisement Regular one-page advertisement in local newspaper with information about nutrition, smoking or exercise.