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Table 4

From: Clinical categories of patients and encounter rates in primary health care – a three-year study in defined populations

Basic clinical group Range (%) ACGs included and aggregation principles
Time limited 0.9 One type of morbidity – time limited
Likely to recur 0.5 One type of morbidity – recurrent
Chronic 0.7 One type of morbidity – chronic
One type – other 0.8 One type of morbidity – others
Time limited & Likely to recur 1.5 Two types of morbidity – time limited and likely to recur
2 other & 3 types 0.6 Two (others than the two above) or three types of morbidity
4+ types 0.3 Four or more types of morbidity
Prev./Admin. 0.6 Preventive/Administrative