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Table 8 Future issues for CH delivery and evaluation.

From: Community hospitals – the place of local service provision in a modernising NHS: an integrative thematic literature review

Is the variation in the composition of CHs acceptable?

Does the care provided in CHs map against local health care need?

Have CHs been constructed around the skills available in the local health economy, rather than the needs of patients?

Can delivery in CHs adapt or are they inflexible as structures in the local health economy?

Do CHs have a place in the resign of services?

Can they act as a buffer against the centralisation of care?

There are large parts of rural Scotland without CH provision. Is that acceptable?

Could these areas be used for comparative studies?

Are there other methods of bolstering the delivery of primary care in rural areas?

Do primary care beds need to be located in CHs?

Is there a role for urban CHs?