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Table 1 Specifically approved Complementary and Alternative Medicine Procedures*

From: An analysis of sickness absence in chronically ill patients receiving Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A longterm prospective intermittent study

Diagnostic Procedures Therapeutic Procedures
holistic anamnese (up to 1 hour) acupuncture
decoder electric acupuncture (except: according to Voll)
„Lüscher" test neuraltherapy
regulation thermography homoeopathy
electric acupuncture (not by Voll) colon therapy
  oxygen therapies except: oxyon-, hyperbaric oxygen- and oxygen multistep-therapy
  manual therapy
  reflexzone therapy
  orthomolecular medicine
  symbiosis regulation
  1. * Especially for this project approved procedures, most of them outside of the regular health insurance reimbursement system. Further procedures like phytotherapy, face time were regular procedures regarding reimbursement at that timenot needing special approval.