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Table 2 Under and over-treatment categories used for the evaluation of appropriateness

From: Indicators of breast cancer severity and appropriateness of surgery based on hospital administrative data in the Lazio Region, Italy

  pT Surgery procedures Linfoadenectomy Stage SI
  T1 T2 T3 85.2* no I IIa IIb IIIa IIIb IV 2 3 4
Case a) T1 T2 T3 85.41–85.42 no I IIa IIb IIIa IIIb IV 2 3 4
  T2 T3 85.2* yes IIa IIb IIIa IIIb 3 4
  T4 85.2*, 85.41–85.44   IIIb 4
  Tis 85.4* yes 0 1
  Tis 85.2* yes 0 1
Case b) T1 T2 T3 85.45–85.48   I IIa IIb IIIa IIIb 2 3
  T1§ 85.41–85.44   I 2
  1. §this case represents an over-treatment only if happens in more than 15% of the T1 cancers treated
  2. Example:
  3. a) case with tumor size T3, independently on the stage, who undergoes to intervention 85.41 (simple mastectomy) and no linfoadenectomy, is classified as under-treated
  4. b) radical mastectomy (85.45–85.48) in a case with a tumor size less than T4, is always considered as an over-treatment