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Table 2 Questions asked about symptoms of ILI

From: Internet-based monitoring of influenza-like illness (ILI) in the general population of the Netherlands during the 2003–2004 influenza season

-No symptoms? Cough?
-Running nose? Headache?
-Sore throat? Chest pain?
-Muscle pain? Diarrhea?
-Abdominal pain? Cold shivers?
-Nausea Irritated eyes?
-Sudden fever? (No/yes/don't know)
-How high was the fever? (37C/between 37C and 40C, in steps of 0.5 degree)
  1. Definition of ILI: Fever >38C, that started suddenly, plus headache or muscle pain, plus at least one of the respiratory symptom: running nose/coughing/sore throat/chest pain