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Table 4 HCV multivariate adjusted OR and 95% CI.

From: Demographic, risk behaviour and personal network variables associated with prevalent hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and HIV infection in injection drug users in Winnipeg, Canada

Variable name OR (95% CI) p value
Years of injection drug use
Categories based on quartiles (Q1–Q4 below)
Q2 vs. Q1 3.1 (1.5–6.2) 0.002
Q3 vs. Q1 10.8 (4.8–24.5) <0.001
Q4 vs. Q1 10.3 (4.7–22.6) <0.001
injected at a shooting gallery   
Yes vs. no 4.3 (1.8–10.5) <0.001
Ever used someone else's used syringe See table 5  
Number of IDU in network who use talwin/ritalin See table 5  
Number of IDU in network who have shown respondent how to inject drugs See table 5