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Table 1 Common Responses. Tabulated values are the frequencies (number of occurrences in 89 transcripts examined) of common categories of response to the survey question, "What was it like to answer that questionnaire (the EPDS)?"

From: A survey of the clinical acceptability of screening for postnatal depression in depressed and non-depressed women

Category Frequency
Screening was easy/good/fine 50
Screening was helpful 5
It was a relief to be screened 5
I felt my problem was being understood 5
I thought the screening questions were important and/or relevant 4
The screening raised my awareness of depression 4
Screening made me realise how I was coping 4
Screening was confronting/intimidating 3
Screening allowed me to reflect on my own mood 3
Screening highlighted the importance of being in contact with my nurse 3
The screening questions were not too personal 2
Screening was a little uncomfortable 2
Screening was a good idea 2
I wanted to know if I was at risk of PND 2
The screening questionnaire was administered in an unhelpful manner 2