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Table 1 Methodologies employed in 3 telephone surveys between 2000–2005.

From: Emerging advantages and drawbacks of telephone surveying in public health research in Ireland and the U.K

  Survey 1 Survey 2 Survey 3
Topic under survey Frequency of gastroenteritis on the island of Ireland Cardiovascular health promotion: attitudes and behaviours in one Irish health board region Attitudes, perceptions and knowledge of the population of on the island of Ireland to blood transfusion
Data collection period Dec 2000 – Nov 2001 Sept – Oct 2003 July 2004 – Jan 2005
Data collection duration 12 months 6 weeks 7 months
Region ROI†, NI Health Board Area in ROI ROI, NI
Telephone number sourcing Hundred-bank method Telecom Eireann National Directory Database 2003 Hundred-bank method
Household randomisation Next birth-date First adult contact Next birth-date
Attempts to make contact Up to 4 calls 1 call Up to 4 calls
Method of survey Telephone to paper CATI* CATI*
Length of questionnaire 10 minutes 15–20 minutes 10–12 minutes
Age of respondents Over 12 years Over 18 years Over 16 years
Schedule of interviews Weekday evenings and all day Saturday All day during week and Saturday Weekday evenings and all day Saturday
Completed sample size 9,600 1,500 4,216
Total numbers generated/extracted 22,281 75,893 55,982
Contact attempts 45,603 6,893 32,786
  1. † ROI = Republic Of Ireland
  2. ‡ NI = Northern Ireland
  3. *CATI = computer assisted telephone interview