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Table 1 data series used for the study

From: Identification and quantification of change in Australian illicit drug markets

Data series Source
Heroin possession offences Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR)
Cocaine possession offences BOCSAR
Amphetamine possession offences BOCSAR
Prostitution offences BOCSAR
Ambulance attendances to heroin overdose NSW Ambulance Service
Methadone maintenance treatment registrations Pharmaceutical Services Branch (PSB)
Methadone maintenance treatment new registrations PSB
Heroin calls of concern Alcohol and other Drug Information Service (ADIS)
Cocaine calls of concern ADIS
Amphetamine calls of concern ADIS
Heroin overdose deaths Division of Analytic Laboratories
Amphetamine overdose attendances to accident and emergency departments NSW Health
Robbery without a weapon BOCSAR
Steal from Motor Vehicle BOCSAR
Drug psychosis attendances at accident and emergency departments NSW Health
Robbery with a weapon not a firearm BOCSAR
Break and enter dwelling BOCSAR
  1. For more detail on each of these data series see [12]