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Table 4 Odds ratios for specific risk events in the group of low SES compared to the group of high SES. Odds ratios are adjusted for maturity state and gender

From: Tracking and prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors across socio-economic classes: A longitudinal substudy of the European Youth Heart Study

  n OR 95% CI Pa
Physical Fitness     
   Being low fit at T2 328 1.77 1.04–3.01 0.034
   Maintaining low PF 81 1.36 0.55–3.36 0.511
   Developing low PF 247 1.94 0.95–3.95 0.069
Body Mass Index     
   Being overweight at T2 380 1.95 1.07–3.57 0.030
   Maintaining overweight 46 2.09 0.60–7.26 0.245
   Developing overweight 334 2.35 1.02–5.40 0.045
  1. Low physical fitness was defined according to the lowest sex and age group specific quartile of physical fitness. Overweight was defined according to BMI cut-points proposed by the International Obesity Task Force.
  2. a: P-value for the test of whether odds ratios differs from 1