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Table 3 Motivation for taking part

From: The acceptability and impact of a randomised controlled trial of welfare rights advice accessed via primary health care: qualitative study

I feel it's sort of putting something back. (Case 22, female, 78, increased Attendance Allowance from low to high rate and Staywarm)
I didn't realise I was claiming for money ... it wasn't put to me like that. It was just a study, people were coming to ask you questions and you would answer them ... I didn't realise at all about getting a grant. (Case 1, male, 75, gained higher rate Attendance Allowance)
Well, if we don't take part in research we're never going to learn ... research produces information that you can properly base your next decision on. (Case 20, male, 72, no gain)
Well, there's no harm in anybody coming to the house and anybody asking questions. That's the way I look at it and if it's going to benefit you, why shouldn't you accept them. (Case 4, male, 74, gained Attendance Allowance (lower rate) and Invalid Care Allowance)
Well they are reliable, sensible, you know, educated people, and they know what they are talking about. And if they go to the trouble of writing me a letter, well it must be for some good. (Case 25, female, 82, no gain)
Coming from your doctor, you know ... obviously they're not going to ask you if it's not important. (Case 10, male, 65, pension credit)