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Table 1 Extracts from participant information leaflet

From: The acceptability and impact of a randomised controlled trial of welfare rights advice accessed via primary health care: qualitative study

What is this study about?
A lot of people do not get the state welfare benefits that they should. We are testing out a new way of giving advice about welfare rights in your doctor's surgery. We are trying to find out how this advice may help and whether there are any health benefits. We are inviting you to take part in this study.
What does this involve?
Mainly, we need you to give up a little of your time. You will be asked some questions about your health and circumstances in a private interview. This will probably take about an hour. After this you will be given an appointment to see a Welfare Rights Officer from Newcastle Social Services, who will give you confidential advice about your rights to state and other benefits, and help with making claims if appropriate. If you have difficulty filling out forms, help will be provided. The Welfare Officer can come to your home or meet with you at your general practice.
In this study, one group of people will be given an appointment with the welfare advice service straight away and another group of people will be given an appointment a few months later. The group you are put in will be decided by chance, like tossing a coin. However, everyone will get an appointment within 6 months.