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Table 1 Program Cost Data. Program cost data derived from Medi-Cal reimbursements or other sources (column 1). All costs given in U.S. dollars, adjusted to year 2004 using the Medical Care component of the U.S. Consumer Price Index (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Note 1: For each procedure for which Medicare charges were computed, we obtained charges for all nine regions in California for which Medicare calculates a geographic price adjustment factor. We then computed a weighted average based on the year 2004 tuberculosis case count for the nine regions. Note 2: Year 2003 Medicare Part B average national allowed charges (BESS) Note 3: Assuming a standard regimen of isoniazid, pyrazinamide, rifampin and ethambutol for two months, followed by isoniazid and rifampin for four months, assuming a 65 kg adult. Note 4: weighted average of the average daily hospitalization cost for Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco [58,59], converted to 2004 dollars; weights derived from cases reported in 1995 [60] (during the CDC Cost of Hospitalization Study). Note 5: Inflated to 2004 dollars by the medical Consumer Price Index. Note 6: These items inflated using the all-items Consumer Price Index.

From: Cost-effectiveness of tuberculosis evaluation and treatment of newly-arrived immigrants

Variable Cost Source
New patient doctor visit 111.50 Medicare, 2004, Note 1
Established patient visit 61.25 Medicare, 2004, Note 1
Tuberculin skin test 11.78 Medicare, 2004, Note 1
Initial chest X-ray 39.68 Medicare, 2004, Note 1
Sputum collection 17.80 Medicare, 2004, Note 1
Specimen concentration 9.33 Medicare Part B, Note 2
AFB smear 7.50 Medicare Part B, Note 2
Sputum culture 14.42 Medicare Part B, Note 2
Sensitivity testing 7.38 Medicare Part B, Note 2
Mycobacterial identification 15.29 Medicare Part B, Note 2
Isoniazid, 100 tablets 8.90 Medicaid Federal Upper Limit price
Chemotherapy for active TB 1118 Drug prices Red Book, 2004; ATS recommendations; Note 3
Nurse assessment, 1/4 hr 8.40 Medi-Cal
Liver function tests 11.42 Medicare Part B, Note 2
TB hospitalization episode 25 834 Note 4; based on CDC unpublished data
Hepatitis hospital stay 10 662 Note 5; [61]
Complete blood count 9.04 Medicare Part B, Note 2
Renal function panel 12.13 Medicare Part B, Note 2
Directly observed therapy (DOT) 19.23 Medi-Cal
Disease control investigation 387.02 [51,52]; Appendix
Letter mailed 10.80 [42]; Note 6
Phone call (community worker) 13.24 [42]; Note 6
Home visit (community worker) 39.57 [42]; Note 6