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Table 4 Odds ratios of lower and higher risk groups of taking iron tablets for longer period

From: Why do adult women in Vietnam take iron tablets?

   Odds ratio 95.0% C.I. P
Radio/TV is the information source
  Yes 22.02 2.70 179.77 0.004
  No 1.00    
Frequencies of iron tablets supply
  1–3 times 1.00 4.33 32.85 0.000
  4–9 times 11.93    
  Farmer 1.00 1.08 28.15 0.040
  Others4 5.51    
Experience of side effects
  Yes 1.00 1.01 7.30 0.047
  No 2.72    
Lack of iron rich foods is cause of anemia
  Yes 0.21 0.07 0.60 0.004
  No 1.00    
Healthy new born is a reason for taking iron
  Yes 2.69 1.02 7.10 0.046
  No 1.00    
Sanitation facility5
  Hygienic 2.31 0.85 6.33 0.102
  Not hygienic 1.00    
  1. Odds ratio is obtained from binary logistic regression coeffic, with backward elimination procedure.
  2. Total number of the participants that remained in a final model was 120.
  3. Factors included in the model were: Age in years, education, religion, number of children, first place of checked up, if IEC was seen in commune, reasons of taking iron tablets, if caution for taking iron tablets was told, if iron tablets were delivered before pregnancy, place of iron tablets supplied, knowing that role of iron is good for health, if side effects was explained were also entered in the first models and did not remain in the final models. Only risk factors which partial regression coefficients that were significant (p < 0.05) were included in the final models.