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Table 2 Implementation Interventions in DMP 2 group

From: ELSID-Diabetes study-evaluation of a large scale implementation of disease management programmes for patients with type 2 diabetes. Rationale, design and conduct – a study protocol [ISRCTN08471887]

Interventions Description
Interactive quality circle meetings During these meetings all aspects of evidence based treatment of diabetes in a primary care setting will be discussed (2 × per year).
Educational meetings for medical assistants During these meetings medical assistants will be supported in finding individual strategies for optimal implementation of the DMP in their practices (2 × per year).
Outreach visits During these meetings individual problems within the implementation process of the DMP will be discussed with the GP and the assistant team (1 × per year)
Homepage with "best practice" examples Detailed information for the praxis team about Diabetes-DMP incl. case studies via internet (electronic individual feedback)