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Table 2 Distribution of odds ratio in relation to different contributing factors (univariate analysis)

From: Effectiveness of different methods of health education: A comparative assessment in a scientific conference

Covariates Choice of Main/ Sectional Programme (Sectional better) Assessment of Main Programme (Symposium Better) Assessment of Sectional Prog. (Symposium better) Assessment of Exhibition (Exhibit better)
Higher Qualification 3.19 (1.38 – 7.45) 2.5 NS 2.92 (1.27 – 6.82) 1.13 NS
Higher Designation 2.17 NS 1.17 NS 2.77 (1.15 – 6.82) 1.27 NS
Medical Background 0.2 NS _____ 1.9 NS 6.43 (1.09 – 48.98)
Coherence of the Speakers in Symposium NA 32.0 (6.28 – 220.10) 43.0 (13.45 – 146.12) NA
  1. NS = Non Significant, NA = Not Applicable, Figures within parenthesis indicate 95% Confidence Interval.
  2. Covariates like age>40, attending alone, problem of understanding English, urban background, absence of physical barriers like noise-congestion-invisibility did not show any significant impact on the choices of the study participants. Choices like lecture in main programme better, exhibition in main programme better, lecture in sectional programme better, specific topic in main programme symposium better and specific topic in main programme lecture better were independent of all the covariates.