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Table 1 The web-based tools. The table depicts the different features included in the web-based tool for the study groups respectively. The only things that distinguished the groups were the addition of the cognitive exercises and the chat in the intervention group.

From: Psychophysiological effects of a web-based stress management system: A prospective, randomized controlled intervention study of IT and media workers [ISRCTN54254861]

Feature Intervention group Reference group
Monitoring tool for stress and health levels with instant feedback; graphs illustrating current and retrospective ratings and an option to compare results with other groups with the same socioeconomic profile, within the same department/company and all the respondents in the data base. The questionnaire was compiled by a ten-item questionnaire for regular or daily usage. YES YES
Diary connected to the monitoring tool so that ratings and notes could be compared and examined retrospectively. The diary could be used as stress management but also as a tool for improving self-knowledge and how different events affect health and well-being. YES YES
Popular scientific information on stress and health compiled by various Swedish researchers. YES YES
Self-help in the form of classical stress management exercises for; relaxation and sleep improvement, cognitive reframing, time-management, emotional control and self-knowledge, strengthening self-esteem, life reflection, dissociation. YES NO