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Table 1 Human resources involved in the Hechi, China, typhoid fever vaccine campaign 2003

From: A mass vaccination campaign targeting adults and children to prevent typhoid fever in Hechi; Expanding the use of Vi polysaccharide vaccine in Southeast China: A cluster-randomized trial

Personnel Function Number
Vaccine team (30 teams)*
Leaders (physicians) Overall responsible for cluster vaccination; daily collection of vaccines and supplies; treat SAE 30
Nurses Vaccinator 43
Other health workers Recorder 24
Non-health workers Recorder 9
Community helpers Facilitated immunization process; liaison between community and Hechi Center for Disease Control 78
Storage room Maintained cold chain 4
Data management Data entry of vaccine records 6
Field health workers SAE 3-day home visit 3
Drivers   3
Supervisors Assured adherence to standard operating procedures 7
  1. NOTE: The research-component of the project is not included
  2. * Each team had a leader, vaccinator, recorder and community helper.