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Table 1 Summary of responses from participants

From: Development and evaluation of a hand held computer based on-call pack for health protection out of hours duty: A pilot study

Participant A B C D
Number of calls/week 0 1 2 3
Frequency of use 0 2* 2 2
Ability to find specific information N/A Yes Yes Yes
Information used N/A Measles advice Immunoglobulin & vaccination advice, E. coli, Hep B, measles, chicken pox, useful numbers chemical incidents and meningitis
Comments "Contacts was missing on this PDA"
"PDF files difficult to read"
"Travel immunisation advice useful"
"Needs regular updating as no paper backup" "IPAQ is the way forward rather than carrying a laptop I have no computer at home PDA makes it easier to have a life and go out"
"Would like some training on all functions"
"Extremely good idea. Information easy to find. Some files not accessible, contact info not available Some tables in guidelines (measles) too small to read and couldn't magnify"
"Using PDA far preferable to laptop"
  1. * including one use for familiarisation