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Table 2 Results from the factor analysis of seven items from the questionnaire.

From: Work ethics and general work attitudes in adolescents are related to quality of life, sense of coherence and subjective health – a Swedish questionnaire study

  WE (Factor 1) GWA (Factor 2)
  Eigenvalue = 2.87 Eigenvalue = 1.09
  Factor loadings Factor loadings
It is important that we all get a job, otherwise society will not function -0.70 <0.10
It is OK to be unemployed even when there is a job available 0.78 0.18
It is OK to be reported sick even when not sick 0.60 0.28
It is unnecessary to work because the state provides compensation to the unemployed 0.63 0.10
It is possible to have a good life even without having a job 0.38 0.64
It is more important to have fun during life than to have a job 0.23 0.80
Spare time is more important for a good life than it is to have a job <0.10 0.85