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Table 2 Current journal subscriptions monitored for noteworthy articles on social medicine

From: The Latin American Social Medicine database

Country Title
Argentina Cuadernos Médico Sociales (Medico-Social Notebooks) 197?-
Argentina Salud Problema y Debate (Health – Problem and Debate) +
Brazil *Cadernos de Saúde Pública (Notebooks of Public Health) 1985-
Brazil Ciência & Saúde Coletiva (Science and Collective Health) 1996-
Brazil Interface (Interface) 1997-
Brazil Revista Brasileira de Epidemiología (Brazilian Journal of Epidemiology) 1998-
Brazil Saúde e Sociedade (Health and Society) 1992-
Brazil Saúde em Debate (Health in Debate) 1976-
Cuba Archivos del Ateneo Juan César García (Archives of the Juan César García Circle) 2000-
Cuba *Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical (Cuban Journal of Tropical Medicine) 1996-
Cuba Revista Cubana de Salud Pública (Cuban Journal of Public Health) 1975-
Mexico Salud Problema (Health – Problem) +
  1. Notes: * Indexed by the MEDLINE database from the National Library of Medicine + Start date occurred during 1900s but exact date not known