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Table 4 Knowledge of colorectal cancer risk factors among 397 African American participants (≥50 years old) in the WATCH Project

From: Colorectal cancer screening among African American church members: A qualitative and quantitative study of patient-provider communication

Seven Items Correct Answer Percent*
1. A low fat and high fiber diet helps decrease colorectal cancer risk. True 70.8%
2. The risk of colorectal cancer is higher in men than women. False 13.6%
3. Physical activity decreases the risk for colorectal cancer. True 42.6%
4. Colorectal cancer risk increases after age 50. True 69.3%
5. A family history of colorectal cancer does not increase your risk. False 49.1%
6. Finding cancer early will not increase the chances of surviving it. False 65.7%
7. You only need to have a colorectal cancer screening test if you are having symptoms. False 67.5%
  1. *The percentage of participants who responded with the correct answer to each CRC knowledge item (n = 397)