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Table 2 Patient-provider communication scale*. Five Items**

From: Colorectal cancer screening among African American church members: A qualitative and quantitative study of patient-provider communication

A) I receive enough understandable information from my doctor/healthcare provider to make good decisions about my health.
B) I feel rushed during visits.
C) My doctor/healthcare provider involves me in decisions about my health care treatment.
D) I feel uncomfortable asking my doctor for tests or information if he/she doesn't mention it.
E) My doctor/healthcare provider understands my health needs.
  1. *These items were included in the baseline survey because of the importance of the patient-provider communication theme that emerged from the focus group participants.
  2. **Responses: Always, Almost always, Sometimes, Rarely, Never
  3. Items A, C, and E loaded on the same factor (α = 0.74) and these three items were used in the final measure.