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Table 5 Measures of association reported for studies in which no data could be extracted

From: A systematic review of the effectiveness of antimicrobial rinse-free hand sanitizers for prevention of illness-related absenteeism in elementary school children

Trials No. of students Raw data reported Measures of association, and statistical tests reported
Thompson 15 138 days absent per student in intervention group = 2.30 days absent per student in control group = 3.20 • Overall reduction in absenteeism due to illness was 28 percent for children using alcohol hand rub
Morton et al. 16 253 N = 211 absent overall
n = 42 never absent due to illness
n = 103 ill regardless of participation in the control or the AlcoSCRUB® group
n = 69 ill in control group
n = 39 ill in AlcoSCRUB® group
• McNemar's test for dichotomous variables with paired subjects, was used to assess strength of intervention: chi-square = 7.787; p = .0053
• Odds of being ill decreased by 43 percent with use of AlcoSCRUB®