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Table 1 Selected parameter values for Figure 3A and other illustrative scenarios. The notations "Other" or "Other factors" in the column "See also" refers to the text section "Other factors". The symbols are defined in Appendix 2 [see additional file 2] and are included for reference.

From: Logistics of community smallpox control through contact tracing and ring vaccination: a stochastic network model

Description Values See also Symbol
Number of index cases 10–1000 Figure 3C A
Mean household size 4   H
Workplace/social group size 8 Figure 3B W
Ring vaccinations per day 0–200 Fig. 3A, 3B, Other K r
Monitored diagnosis rate 1–8 day-1 Figure 5A, 5B φ
Prob. of finding household contact 0.95 Table 4 υ1
Prob. of finding workplace/social contact 0.8 Fig. 3B, 4AB; Tb. 4 υ2
Delay, tracing household contacts 1–5 days Figure 6 δ1
Delay, tracing workplace/social contacts 2–10 days Figure 6 δ2
Relative diagnosis rate after 1st diagnosed case 1.5 Figure 7 a 1
Infectivity, stage 4 relative to stage 5 0.2 Figure 8 k
Infectivity, stage 5 relative to stage 6 0.2 Figure 8 k'
Infection hazard for close contacts 5 day-1 Table 3 λ
Relative hazard for workplace/social contacts 1/3 Table 3 h 2
Casual transmission rate 0.15 day-1   β
Prior vaccination fraction 0.25 Other factors f
Fraction of mild cases 0.03 Other factors  
Vaccine success rate (for very recent vaccination) 0.667 Other factors α1
Vaccine success rate (vaccination prior to discontinuation of routine vaccination) 0.5 Other factors α2
Vaccine success rate full protection 0.999 Other factors α3