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Table 2 Most important parameters. PRCC: partial rank correlation coefficient (see Appendix 2 [see additional file 2] for definition and references).

From: Logistics of community smallpox control through contact tracing and ring vaccination: a stochastic network model

Parameter PRCC
Mean Household Size 0.575
Transmission Rate from Close Contacts 0.520
Infectivity prior to rash 0.309
Ring Vaccination Capacity -0.296
Casual Transmission Probability 0.244
Pre-eruptive infectious period (lower bound) 0.224
Number of Casual Contacts per Day 0.210
Relative Infectiousness of Social/Workplace Contacts 0.200
Fraction of Individuals in Social/Workplace Groups 0.183
Faster Diagnosis due to Awareness of Outbreak -0.175
Household Tracing Delay 0.104
Pre-eruptive Diagnosis Probability -0.103
Diagnosis Probability after Rash -0.103