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Table 4 Themes about potential communication methods for STD information

From: Barriers to asymptomatic screening and other STD services for adolescents and young adults: focus group discussions

Theme Illustrative Quote
Disseminate STD information through television and radio "[commercials have subliminal effects since] you could be looking at TV and not really paying attention to it, but it be in your subconscience."
  "There should be some commercials that have a whole lot of pretty people saying, 'I bet you didn't know I had an STD."'
Provide STD information in schools "All these kids...are just sitting there, waiting for you to throw stuff at them. You have their attention in health class. They could take advantage of that."
Provide information through community outreach activities "Go to every project and do like y'all are doing now. Get some tables and sit up on the corner and [give people information]."
  "I know. Put some adolescents on your payroll. Give them about $15 and tell them to go tell others [about STDs]. That would get the job done."
Provide STD information on the internet "I think if you can't it through the school, I think the internet is the next step down. Because everyone is on the internet."
  "You need an accessible home page [with an address like] 'STD' ...or something like that and that way you don't have to memorize anything. If you ever come across a problem, you just type that in and you're at the place.