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Table 2 Modes Transmission As Reported By the 4641 High School Students (%). Response to the Question "by which of the Following Ways Can HIV*/AIDS** be Transmitted?"

From: Knowledge and attitude towards HIV/AIDS among Iranian students

  Students n = 4641  
Mode Correct answers Percent choosing correct answer
Sexual Contact Yes 96
Blood transfusion Yes 94
Sharing of the needles Yes 93
Hand shaking No 91
Shaver blade Yes 91
Food-borne No 87
Kissing and hugging No 85
Mother-to-child Yes 83
Tattoo Yes 81
Public toilet No 80
Public swimming pool No 79
Sneezing and coughing No 77
Dentistry Yes 74
Mosquitoes bites No 67
  1. *HIV, human immunodeficiency virus ** AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome