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Table 5 Sample Headlines from Major News Stories Reported

From: The reporting of theoretical health risks by the media: Canadian newspaper reporting of potential blood transmission of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Initial Blood Withdrawal
Blood Inquiry gets new warning on killer virus that attacks brain. (VS, July 11, 95)
Blood scare. Shortage may force use of contaminated supply. (CH, July 15, 95)
Blood recalls "tip of iceberg" (TS, July 17, 1995)
Notification of Recipients
A patient's right not to know. (TS, June 12, 1996)
Patients sue over blood. Deadly brain disease at centre of claims. (CH, August 21, 1996)
Withdrawal of blood from American CJD donor
Canada imposes blood quarantine. Supply may be contaminated with sickness linked to 'mad-cow' disease. (OC, December 19, 1998)
Ottawa dismisses fears of "mad deer disease" (TS, January 9, 1999)
Ban of blood donations from individuals who have spent time in the UK
Bar U.K. blood: council. Mad-cow disease raises concerns about who should be allowed to give. (GM, October 16, 1998)
Visits to Britain disqualify blood donors. Agency targets those who've spent six months since 1980. (OC, July 1, 1999)
  1. (VS = Vancouver Sun, CH = Calgary Herald, TS = Toronto Star, OC = Ottawa Citizen, GM = Globe and Mail)