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Table 3 List of minor malformations (exclusions from analyses of congenital malformations)

From: The study of reproductive outcome and the health of offspring of UK veterans of the Gulf war: methods and description of the study population

Eye, Ear, Face Neck:
Ptosis; Stenosis, stricture, or other malformations of lacrimal apparatus; Ear tag; Other minor and unspecified anomalies of ear
Circulatory system:
Functional or unspecified cardiac murmur; Absence or hypoplasia of umbilical artery; Single umbilical artery; Patent Ductus Arterioisis in liveborn babies with preterm gestation (<37 weeks) or low birthweight (<2500 gm)
Digestive system:
Genital system:
Undescended testes; Congenital hydrocele
Musculo skeletal system:
Clicking hip; Unspecified deformity of hip; Flat feet; Unspecified congenital deformities of feet; Webbed fingers; Webbed toes; Spina bifida occulta
Other non-chromosomal malformations:
Congenital umbilical hernia; Inguinal hernia; Birthmark; Naevus; Abnormal palmar crease; Skin tags; Other unspecified malformations of skin; Accessory nipple, ectopic nipple, minor anomaly of nipple; Other congenital malformations of integument (hair, nails, etc)