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Table 2 Congenital Malformation groupings with ICD 10 codes

From: The study of reproductive outcome and the health of offspring of UK veterans of the Gulf war: methods and description of the study population

Central nervous system Q00.0–Q07.9
   Neural tube    Q00.0–Q01.9, Q05.0–Q05.9
   Hydrocephalus 1    Q03.0–Q03.9
   Remainder of CNS 1    Q02.0–Q02.9, Q04.0–Q04.9, Q06.0–Q07.9
Eye, ear, face and neck 1 Q10.1–Q10.4, Q10.7–Q16.9, Q17.1, Q17.2, Q17.8, Q18.0 – Q18.9
   Eye    Q10.1–Q10.4, Q10.7–Q15.9,
   Ear    Q16.0–Q16.9, Q17.1, Q17.2, Q17.8
   Remainder of Eye, Ear, Face, Nose    Q18.0–Q18.9
Circulatory system Q20.0–Q26.9, Q27.1–Q28.9
   Congenital malformations of heart    Q20.0–Q24.9
   Other malformations of circulatory system    Q25.0–Q26.9, Q27.1–Q28.9
Respiratory system Q30.0 – Q34.9
Cleft lip/palate 1 Q35.0 – Q37.9
Digestive system Q38.0, Q38.2–Q45.9
   TOF & other malfs of large intest., rectum, anal canal 2    Q39.0 – Q39.9, Q42.0 – Q42.9
   Other malformations of digestive system    Q38.0,Q38.2–Q38.9,Q40.0–Q41.9,Q43.0–Q45.9
Genital system Q50.0–Q52.9, Q54.0–Q56.4
Urinary system Q60.0 – Q64.9
   Renal anomalies    Q60.0–Q61.9, Q63.0–Q63.9
   Urinary tract anomalies    Q62.0–Q62.9, Q64.0–Q64.9
Musculo-skeletal system Q65.0–Q65.8, Q66.0–Q66.4, Q66.6–Q66.7, Q67.0–Q70.0, Q70.2, Q70.4–Q75.9, Q76.1 – Q79.9
   Limb reduction    Q71.0–Q73.9
   Polydactyly and Syndactyly    Q69.0–Q70.0, Q70.2, Q70.4–Q70.9
   Other limb malformations    Q65.0–Q65.8, Q66.0–Q66.4, Q66.6–Q66.7, Q68.1–Q68.5, Q74.0–Q74.9
   Anomalies of diaphragm, exomphalos, gastrochisis    Q79.0–Q79.5
   Other musculo-skeletal anomalies    Q67.0–Q67.8, Q68.0, Q68.8, Q75.0–Q75.9, Q76.1–Q78.9, Q79.6–Q79.9
Other non-chromosomal Q80.0–Q82.4, Q83.0–Q83.1, Q83.8–Q83.9, Q85.0–Q85.9, Q87.0–Q87.8, Q89.0–Q89.9
   Specified syndromes (non-chromosomal)    Q87.0–Q87.8
   Remainder of other non-chromosomal malformations    Q80.0–Q82.4, Q83.0–Q83.1, Q83.8 – Q83.9, Q85.0–Q85.9, Q89.0–Q89.9
Chromosomal Q90.0–Q99.9
   Downs syndrome    Q90.0–Q90.9
   Other chromosomal: Down's    Q91.0–Q99.9
Cranial Neural Crest Any malformation marked with 1 above
Metabolic and single gene defects D58.0, D66.0, D67.0, D68.0,D68.,1E23.0,,E25.0–E25.9,E70.0,E70.3,E75.0,E76.0, E76.1,E76.2,E84.9,E88.0,E88.9,G10,G11.1,G11.9,G71.0,G71.1,H35.5, Q77.4,Q87.4
  1. 1Cranial-neural crest malformations. 2Tracheo-oesophageal fistula, atresia & stenosis of oesophagus, large intestine, rectum and anal canal.