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Table 2 The questions answered affirmatively to the computerizedHealthQuiz that led to further investigation and deferral among 31 donors who would have been accepted using only the Donor Health Assessment Questionnaire for screening.

From: Comparison of deferral rates using a computerized versus written blood donor questionnaire: a randomized, cross-over study [ISRCTN84429599]

Item No. donors
In the last 3 days have you taken any type of medication or drugs (pills, needles) except birth control pills or vitamins? 3
Taken Accutane in the past 12 months or Proscar, Danazol, or methotrexate ever? 1
Surgery in last 12 months 1
Ever had epilepsy, coma, stroke, repeated seizures, fainting 2
Ever had heart or blood pressure problems or heart surgery 12
Ever had kidney, lung, or blood condition 7
Been pregnant in the last 6 months or breast-fed in the last 3 months 1
Ever had yellow jaundice (other than at birth), hepatitis or liver disease 2
Received blood plasma, clotting factors or immune globulin in past 12 months 1
Had an AIDS test elsewhere (other than for donating blood) 1