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Table 4 Predictors of sexual risk behaviour in females

From: Predictors of sexual risk behaviour among adolescents from welfare institutions in Malaysia: a cross sectional study

Variable Multivariate modelling
  B OR P 95%CI
Alcohol use     
Yes 0.86 2.37 0.002 1.36-4.13
No   1.00   Ref
Family connectedness     
High 1.14 3.13 0.001 1.64-5.95
Low   1.00   Ref
Low 0.68 1.97 0.002 1.28-3.04
High   1.00   Ref
  1. The sample size included in the logistic regression is less than the total sample of 599 due to missing data for some variables. Other variables entered: Age, race, tobacco use, illicit drug use, family structure, parental monitoring, peer pressure, pubertal onset and self-esteem. Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness of fit chi square = 8.18 (df = 8), p = 0.42.