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Table 2 Prevalence rates of diabetes in China 1979 -2010

From: A community-based approach to non-communicable chronic disease management within a context of advancing universal health coverage in China: progress and challenges

Year Prevalence rate (%) Data source Study
1979 0.7 Random sampling in 14 provinces (cities) National Diabetes Prevention and Control Cooperative Group, 1981
1994 2.5 Random sampling of adults aged at 24-64 years in 19 provinces (cities) Pan, 1997
1996 3.2 Stratified and cluster sampling of adults aged at 20~74years in 11 provinces (cities) Wang, 1998
2000 6.4 Stratified and cluster sampling of adults aged at 35~74years in 10 provinces (cities) Gu, 2003
2002 2.6 Multistage and stratified cluster sampling of adults over 18 years old in 31provinces Li, 2005
2010 11.6 Multistage, probability sampling in a nationally representative sample ≥18years old Xu, 2013