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Table 3 Determinants 1 associated with correct answers, estimated by multivariable regression

From: Knowledge about tuberculosis among undergraduate health care students in 15 Italian universities: a cross-sectional study

Correct answers Determinants OR (95% CI) p-value
TB is an infectious disease caused by various strains of Mycobacteria genus, mainly M. tuberculosis Increasing age 1.50 (1.08 - 2.09) 0.02
TB does not affect only the lungs To be a medical student 21.81 (2.89-164.38) 0.003
The most frequent outcome of the M. tuberculosis infection is the latent TB infection To be a medical student 4.70 (1.83-12.04) 0.001
The TB vaccine is prepared with the Bacillus Calmette-Guérin To be a medical student 13.43 (4.84-37.22) 0.001
TST is not a vaccine Increasing age 1.10 (1.02-1.20) 0.02
TST is not a laboratory test to detect M. tuberculosis in the sputum To be a medical student 2.19 (1.01-4.75) 0.047
TST is not a drug for M. tuberculosis infection To be a medical student 2.90 (1.11-7.59) 0.03
  1. 1The investigated determinants are: age, gender, degree course (medical vs. nursing) and tuberculin skin test (TST).