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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Rural Environments and Community Health (REACH): a randomised controlled trial protocol for an online walking intervention in rural adults

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
• Aged 18-70 years • Non-resident or resident <12-months of target regions prior to study start
• Self-reported resident of target regions for minimum of 12-months prior to study start • Relocation of primary residence outside of the target regions during the study period (participants will be unenrolled from the study from that point on)
• Insufficiently active (engaging in fewer than 20 bouts of physical activity of at least 30 minutes) over the previous month • Pregnant or intending to become pregnant during 12-month study period
• Access to the internet • Physical or psychological condition (i.e. cognitive impairment) that may impede full participation in the study
• Deemed medically safe to participate in unsupervised moderate-intensity physical activity by satisfaction of stage one of the Adult Pre-Exercise Screening System (or review by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist)
• Sufficient English language skills and cognitive ability to allow full participation in the study
• Able to provide written informed consent