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Table 3 Use of dance mats in schools

From: The effect of dance mat exergaming systems on physical activity and health – related outcomes in secondary schools: results from a natural experiment


Use of dance mats

Intervention 1

Incorporated into 8 week ‘blocks’ of physical education lessons during the winter months and occasional use in PE classes at other times if inclement weather. Also used during lunch times for a ‘dance club’ but with teachers noting ‘drop off’ in interest over time.

Intervention 2

Used in PE lessons between February and March 2011. Teachers reported early interest with drop off in engagement after ‘a few weeks’.

Available at lunch and morning break time throughout the year

Intervention 3

Incorporated in PE lessons for fitness classes in 6 week ‘blocks’.

Provided during enrichment lessons after school.

Occasionally available at lunch time.

Intervention 4

Not used consistently during curriculum time, however two teachers reported use in fitness programme at the beginning of the programme for several weeks. Available at lunch time, during inclement weather for sports classes, and for an organised lunch time ‘dance mat club’

Intervention 5

Intermittently used during PE lessons if suitable space available (e.g. during exam period).