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Table 2 Transtheoretical model’s stages of change

From: Integrating stages of change models to cast new vision on interventions to improve global retinoblastoma and childhood cancer outcomes

Stage of change Proposed definition
Precontemplation Family has not started treatment and does not intend to start treatment in ___ weeks (number of weeks locally determined)
Transition emphasis: acknowledgement of urgent need
Contemplation Family intends to start treatment but is in a “behavioral procrastination” stage without plan in place to start treatment
Transition emphasis: goal setting with focus on tangible plans to obtain goals
Preparation Family has a plan of starting treatment in next days
Transition emphasis: Establishment of specific steps to action
Action Family has made specific modifications to their lifestyles in preparation to start treatment
Transition emphasis: Community support and partnership
Maintenance Family is actively in treatment and with intention to continue treatment
Transition emphasis: Assistance with problem solving and interventions in place to support family through treatment completion