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Table 5 Summary of quotes generated during the focus groups discussions

From: Promoting healthy eating and physical activity among school children: findings from Health-E-PALS, the first pilot intervention from Lebanon

Participants’ quotes
  - “I am asking my mom to bake food instead of frying”
- “Better if you come the whole year instead of just three months”
- “I used to drink soft drinks with every meal, now I am having only half a cup a day”
- “If the school shop offers fruits and fresh fruit juices, I would buy them instead of sweet drinks”
- “The school shop should be closed or stop selling chips and sweetened drinks”
Teachers - “They liked the sessions because it was not a lesson to memorize, though they memorized all messages”
- “Hands-on activities helped convince the students with the information given in class”
- “In spite of all your efforts, there was no cooperation from the school shop administrator”
Parents - “They liked the idea that nothing is forbidden, as long as they eat the right servings of each food”
- “My child wanted to go to school despite being sick with a high fever, she told me: today we have Mrs Carla (CHM) coming”
- “Don’t know what you used or what was the method, but my boy was interested”
- “Our kids need follow up; they forgot the healthy messages once the program was over”
- “I cannot tell my boy not to buy from the shop when he sees his friends doing so”