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Table 4 Odds ratio comparing physical activity and sedentary habits in an average student within an intervention school versus a control school at post-intervention, controlling for baseline measures

From: Promoting healthy eating and physical activity among school children: findings from Health-E-PALS, the first pilot intervention from Lebanon

Physical Activity Habit £ Odds ratio 95% CI
Playing at recess 1.38* 1.10; 1.80
After school Physical activity per week 2.35 0.97; 5.65
Playing at home after school 0 .86 0.49; 1.52
Screen time   
TV viewing during school days ¥ 0.86 0.50; 1.47
TV viewing during week end§ 0.88 0.43; 1.80
Electronic games during schooldays^ 1.32 0.75; 2.34
Electronic games during weekend§ 1.05 0.35; 1.38
  1. †Baseline measure refers to the response provided at pre-intervention. *Significant at p <0.05.
  2. ¥Yes, No ( a lot coded as “yes”, a little and no coded as “No”), Reference “No”.
  3. §A lot, a little (all day and twice a day coded as “a lot”, once a day and no, coded as “a little”), Reference “a little”.
  4. ^Everyday, not everyday (a little and a lot coded as “everyday”, 3 times a week and no, coded as “not everyday”), Reference “not everyday”.
  5. £Reference group is “No”.