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Table 4 Association of knowledge and attitude related factors with initiation of HPV vaccination (N = Total numbers of subjects with valid data under each category of answer)

From: Factors influencing adolescent girls’ decision in initiation for human papillomavirus vaccination: a cross-sectional study in Hong Kong

  Intention/Action stage# Pre-contemplation/Contemplation stage# Mean difference [95% CI] P value
Mean knowledge score (N = 1343) 3.52 3.33 0.18 [0.01-0.37] P = 0.04*
I think that Cancer is a terrifying disease (N = 1409) 5.11 4.97 0.147 [0.01-0.285] P = 0.04*
If I know any ways which can prevent cancer, I am willing to change in an attempt to put them into practice (N = 1409) 4.56 4.4 0.17 [0.03-0.3] P = 0.02*
  1. #No statistical significance in mean knowledge score between the two stratified groups was found for agreement to the following statements: I think schools should provide more information on cancer to enhance the knowledge of students, I think that Hong Kong has provided adequate services in promoting prevention of cancer and I wish to have more information on cancer prevention.
  2. *= P value with statistical significance.