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Table 2 Procedures associated with each clinic visit

From: The Opposites Attract Study of viral load, HIV treatment and HIV transmission in serodiscordant homosexual male couples: design and methods

  Baseline visit First visit of calendar year All other follow-up visits Seroconversion visit1
HIV-Positive partner     
  Viral load test X X X X
  CD4 Count X X X X
  STI tests3 X X X X
  Blood samples for storage X X   X
  Semen sample (optional) 2 X X X X
HIV-Negative partner     
  HIV antibody test X X X X
  STI tests3 X X X X
  Blood samples for storage X    X
  Anal swab for storage X    X
  1. 1Seroconversion visits only occur if the HIV-negative partner seroconverts during follow-up.
  2. 2The semen sub-study is only available at certain sites.
  3. 3At Australian clinical sites, STI tests are conducted as indicated. In Brazil and Thailand, they are conducted at every visit.